“I have used these brushes for more than 20 years and can honestly say I have never had to replace any of the natural hair brushes. Some jobs I used these brushes on 30 models in a day with three to four changes of make-up each, spraying and sterilizing between use and never did I have my brushes shed.

Absolutely top quality!” - Lynette Arlene

Tapered Angle Shader

Chisel Tapered Fluff

Chisel Double Angle

Chisel Deluxe Oval Fluff

Chisel Blush

Chisel Powder

Unique Pointed Powder

Unique Tapered Blush   

Chisel Deluxe Oval Fluff  

Chisel Double Angle  

Chisel Tapered Fluff 

Mini Chisel Fluff

Pointed Definer

Tapered Angle Shader

Angle Brow

Lash Definer

Brow/Lash Groomer

Oval Mask


Camouflage Oval 10

Camouflage Oval Lip/Eye

Taklon Mascara Fan

Smoothie Blender

Squirrel Crease


Squirrel Contour

Kolinsky Tapered Angle

Chisel Sable Lip

Unique Pointed Powder is a full dome brush with a tapered cut allowing the longest central hairs to sweep finishing powder effortlessly over the finest creases around the nose, under the eyes and all the rest of the face leaving no caking.

Price: $ 54

Unique Tapered Blush is a luxurious full brush, with a full tapered cut, allowing a smooth application of blush to the cheeks, forhead, chin, neck and jawline.

Price: $ 39

Chisel Deluxe Oval Fluff is a wide semi-flat brush with a chiseled cut perfect for applying base color to the eyelids and under lashline without consuming too much product. 

Price: $ 22

Chisel Double Angle has a precision layered cut finishing to a soft point in the center designed to softly blend the crease of the eyelid.

Price: $ 20

Chisel Tapered Fluff is a slightly layered cut, rounded for defining the depth of the crease of the upper lid and also for shading the roundness of the under lashline.

Price: $ 16

Mini Chisel Fluff is a precision layered cut perfect for defining the depth under the lashline within the shading of the Chisel Tapered Fluff.

Price: $ 14

Pointed Definer excellent for painting precise eyeliner and point dot effects.

Price: $ 18

Tapered Angle Shader is a flat brush cut at an angle for flat application of liner and brows.

Price: $ 14

Angle Brow is made of a coarse boar hair for setting eyebrows and applying color.

Price: $ 12.5

Lash Definer is the best precision cut eyelash comb made in stainless steel for effortlessly seperating lashes after mascara application.

Price: $ 28

Brow/Lash Groomer this two part brush has bristles made of coarse boar hair for exfoliating the skin under the brows. The comb is made of plastic for combing and lifting brow hair for trimming and grooming.

Price: $ 16

Oval Mask cut flat of smooth firm bristles to apply clay masks on the face. Apply always in an upward motion for best results on the skin.

Price: $ 23

Foundation is a slightly layered yet soft flat brush designed for smooth application of foundations. No more throwing away sponges (or product) after each application with this brush.

Price: $54

Camouflouge Oval #10 made for smooth application of concealers.

Price: $ 32

Camouflouge Oval Lip/Eye made for smooth application under the eyes and on the lips.

Price: $28

Taklon Mascar Fan perfect for painting mascara but exceptional for dry brushing illuminizing powder on bow of lips and inner corner of eyes to high light area.

Price: $ 16.5

Smoothie Blender is a synthetic firm sponge designed to use flat for applying loose powder under eyes and on bridge of nose and chin. Perfect for ‘drop cloth’ application.

Price: $ 16

Luxurious? Five of the finest brushes made of Squirrel and Sable hair.

Squirrel Crease is a luxurious brush layered cut to a fluffy point for very deep creases. Blends inner crease and outer lid effortlessly.

Price: $ 43.50

Crease is also made of Squirrel and is a pointed dome cut for defining the crease and creating the perfect smokey eyes under lashline too.

Price: $ 48

Squirrel Contour is an excellent shader for contouring sides of nose, jawline and cheek bones as well as applying color all over eyelid.

Price: $ 42

Kolinsky Tapered Angle is made of sable hair cut at an angle, soft and perfect for applying precision lines with powder or gel.

Price: $ 25.5

Chisel Sable Lip is for smooth application to the lips or use for concealer too.

Price: $ 27.5

Leopard Brush Roll

Travel Case

Comes with the


from our professional collection made with shorter handles perfect for travelling and personal use. Case made of black cavas inside with mesh holder and plastic fold over flap to protect brushes. Outside is leopard microfiber, conveniently folds in half and ties.

Brushes included:

Chisel Powder, Chisel Blush, Chisel Deluxe Oval Fluff perfect for blending base color on lid from brow to lash line, Chisel Double Angle Shader for shading the crease, Chisel Tapered Fluff for deepening and defining the crease and under lashline, Tapered Angle Shader perfect for defining angles of eyes and brow color.

Leopard Brush Roll Travel Case - six brushes    $ 158

14 Pocket Faux Leather Roll

11 Pocket Canvas Roll

7 Pocket Mini Magnetic Case

Brush rolls to keep your brushes clean, organized and portable!  Easy to clean with a damp sponge.

Cleaners, Disposables & Accessories

Quick Dry Brush Cleaner w/Pump

2 oz.

Gentle Eye Makeup

& Lipstick Remover

4 oz. or 16 oz.

Hand Sanitizer

4 oz.

Disposable Lip Brush

25 piece or 100 piece

Angle Lucite Spatulas

25 piece or 100 piece

Disposable Mascara Wands

100 piece

Deluxe Disposable Mascara Wands

25 piece or 100 piece

Acrylic Artist Palette

Medium and Small

Stainless Steel

Two Side

Pencil Sharpener

Deluxe Wedge Sponges

Large Block (8 piece)

Deluxe Block (50 piece)

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